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How to choose the internal and external tire pressure monitoring TPMS

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       Since the United States, the European Union and other countries and regions to implement the mandatory installation of tire tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), China will also implement the mandatory installation of TPMS. This provision greatly improves the safety of the use of cars, and tire pressure monitoring system is divided into built-in and external, how to choose?

        Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) referred to as TPMS, is the current automotive electronics security one of the most popular vocabulary. Tire pressure detection system is a high sensitivity micro-wireless sensor device fixed on the car tires, the use of wireless transmission technology to tire pressure, temperature and other real-time data transmission to the cab host, and then through the digital form of real-time display, with abnormal alarm system Prompt the driver to deal with in a timely manner. This ensures that the tire pressure and temperature in a certain range of standards, reduce the tire and other tire abnormalities caused by the accident rate.

Figure 1 TPMS interface

        TPMS is now divided into external and built-in market, for the driver, how to choose the appropriate tire pressure monitoring system? We from the following angles to consider:

1, easy installation
        External type of TPMS directly to the sensor installed in the car's valve core, the installation is more convenient, only a few minutes to install; built-in type is the sensor installed in the tire inside the hub, the need for professional technical staff with tools to remove Tires can be installed, take a long time, need to pay an additional installation costs.

Figure 2 Manual installation of external TPMS

        In the inflatable when the external sensor needs to be removed, install the built-in sensor can be directly on the tire cheer. But the car tire inflation is generally not very frequent, which the old and new drivers can take their own consideration.

2, measurement accuracy
        Many people think that the accuracy of external sensor measurement as built-in sensor, it is not true. External sensor installed in the tire valve core, is the direct monitoring of tire pressure, so built-in tire pressure monitoring, external sensor measurement and no difference; and in the tire temperature measurement, the external sensor compared to built-in There will be 2-3 ℃ error, but this error is not serious for fetal temperature.

3, anti-theft
       From the point of view of anti-theft, since the disassembly tool used by a manufacturer's external sensor is usually the same, the theft rate of the external sensor is relatively high; the built-in sensor is installed inside the tire and the sensor is removed unless the tire is removed Very safe.

4, the service life
        The service life is analyzed from two points: battery life and sensor life. External battery life of the sensor is generally 1-2 years, can replace the battery; built-in sensor battery life is generally 3-5 years, the battery can only be used after the replacement of the sensor to replenish the amount of electricity. External sensors installed in the gas nozzle, exposed to the air, the need for long-term experience of the sun and rain, the external sensor life is not as good as "possession" in the tire inside the built-in sensor.

        In fact, whether external or built-in sensor, its core technology is the same. As the sensor needs to be equipped with the corresponding procedures according to the different depot, the production of multi-use "in the board burn" way to download the program, the benefits of this chip is the first board and then burn, you can according to the needs of different models burn Different procedures, even if there is no failure to burn the product does not have to remove the chip and then burn, you can directly perform the burning action.

       ECS AEC-Q200 automotive certified crystal oscillator is currently in the tire pressure monitoring to show their talents, we look forward to more users to bring more efficient production program.

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