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        Joyin has been developing and manufacturing reliable high-quality electronic components since 1984. With innovative design techniques embedded into its machinery and with added user friendly interfaces, Joyin has strengthened its global position as a famous automation equipment maker in global passive component manufacturing market.

        Over the years, Joyins existing machine buyers strongly recommended that Joyin enter into the passive components OEM sector. In doing so, Joyin was able to expand its business scope in just a few years to serve global set maker leaders such as Littelfuse, Tyco/Raychem and Ohizumi. In 2004, Joyin expanded yet again,  China. Joyin saw a sharp increase in revenue growth in 2007.

        With this massive operation scale-up, CSR has become the main focus and emphasis for Joyin in all future development.

        For more than 25 years, Joyin has consistently overcome challenges and has accumulated its core competence and values through honesty, responsiveness and aggressive marketing. Moving towards the future, Joyins team is armed with machinery design knowledge, real global OEM experience, High-quality concepts and the ability the communicate and interact with international markets. These competitive advantages assure Joyin, all of its partners and its customers with a bright future ahead and the ability to stay ahead of environmental and market changes.

JoYin common type

Part Number Description Manufacturer
JVR05N271K 5mm Varistor JoYin
JVR07N271K 7mm Varistor JoYin
JVR10N471K 10mm Varistor JoYin
JVR07N431K 7mm Varistor JoYin
JVR07N470K 7mm Varistor JoYin
JVR10N391K 10mm Varistor JoYin
JVR14N241K 14mm Varistor JoYin
JVR14N471K 14mm Varistor JoYin
JNR08S100L 8mm Inrush Current Limiters JoYin
JCR104J440JA54L Temperature Compensation JoYin
JTD503F395D12087N Temperature NTC Sensor JoYin
JRS303F0603UN NTC Matching Resistor JoYin

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