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        iA Inc. specializes in the production of semiconductor chips, modules, applications and other high-tech products, leading the future of automotive technology, is a leading non-volatile semiconductor leader in Korea. iA Inc. is making continuous efforts and working with Hyundai Motor to develop automotive semiconductors in various fields such as infotainment, car body and frame. At present, iA Inc. has been at the forefront of leading the localization of non-volatile semiconductors, and is driving enterprises that rely too much on imported products to achieve technological self-reliance, improve technology, and realize the integration of automobiles and semiconductors. iA Motor Controller Overview: Designed for automotive/electric motorcycle motor control systems.

一、 the car body research and development

(1) Seat heating and ventilation switch semiconductor
1. Switching device for controlling heating and ventilation of a car seat
2. Adopt LIN communication technology between the main controller and the switch, and change the direct wiring mode of directly connecting the two parts to realize the platformization and optimization of the part.
3. R&D has been completed and reliability assessment related to mass production of vehicles is being carried out.

(2) Electric vehicle VESS special semiconductor (national policy project)
1. An image taken by a camera in an electric vehicle VESS (Virtual Engine Sound System) to identify an image signal processing semiconductor of a pedestrian in front.
2. In order to effectively recognize pedestrians and improve signal processing speed, the contour and pattern matching function of the input image are combined with software algorithms to present a semiconductor circuit.
3. Completed research and development, and is preparing to use the vehicle recorder of the After market for mass production.

(3) Next-generation LF drive semiconductor
1. A semiconductor that drives a low frequency antenna of a smart key system for a vehicle.
2. It is an antenna driving semiconductor for outputting control signals, aiming at running the position recognition and related control functions of the smart key.
3. Not only can output basic low-frequency signals, but also built-in engine anti-theft locking system (smart key close-range identification) function, which realizes the integration of related functions and the convenience and optimization of controller development.
4. The ES#1 sample has been completed and various functions and electrical properties are being evaluated.

二、the chassis part research and development

(1) Brake SoC (National Policy Project)
1. Integrated control and valve-driven semiconductor for automotive brake system (ABS/ESC: Anti-lock Brake System/Electronic Stability Control)
2. It is a semiconductor that receives signals from various sensors connected to the brake system and drives the brake valves according to the control of the main MCU.
3. Due to the stability of the brake system, it is the first safety certification in the country to adopt ISO26262 ASIL-D grade, and built-in dedicated circuit for this purpose ensures reliability.
4. The ES#2 sample has been completed and a system level assessment and reliability assessment is underway.

三、research and development in the field of Powertrain and Transmission

        In automotive semiconductors or in the ECU section, import dependence is particularly severe in Powertrain and Transmission. Because it is more important than any part in the safety of the driver, it emphasizes safety and zero defects. The iA is not only developing semiconductors such as car bodies and chassis, but also working on the development of original technologies and application-related technologies in the field that are urgently needed for localization in the future. Especially in the following aspects, through the perspective research, lay a solid foundation for the 100% localization of automotive semiconductors.
1. Master semiconductor circuit design, test and production technology for the manufacture of impurity-free semiconductors.
2. Ensure safety in accordance with ISO26262 international standards
3. Guarantee semiconductor quality and high reliability in various automotive environments

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