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The main function of Bluetooth 5.0 and seven major characteristics

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        Bluetooth 5.0 is a bluetooth technology standard proposed by the Bluetooth Technology Alliance in 2016. Bluetooth 5.0 is optimized for speed of low-power devices. Bluetooth 5.0 combined with wifi helps to locate indoor locations, increases transmission speed and increases effective working distance.


The main features of Bluetooth 5.0:
1, Bluetooth 5.0 for low-power devices, has a wider coverage and four times faster than the current rate of increase.
2, Bluetooth 5.0 will join the indoor positioning aids, combined with Wi-Fi accuracy can be achieved less than 1 meter indoor positioning.
3, the maximum transfer speed of 24Mbps, 4.2LE version is twice before.
4, the transmission level to reach a non-destructive level.
5, effective working distance up to 300 meters, 4.2LE version is 4 times before.
6, add navigation, you can achieve 1 meter indoor positioning.
7, in response to the needs of mobile clients, its power consumption is lower, and compatible with the older version.

Bluetooth 5.0 7 major features:

1, faster transfer speed
        Bluetooth 5.0 developers said the new version of Bluetooth transmission speed limit of 24Mbps, 4.2LE version is twice the previous. Of course, you are unlikely to reach this limit in real life, but you can still experience significant speed improvements.

2, the farther the effective distance
        Another important improvement for Bluetooth 5.0 is that it has a 4x effective range from the previous version, so in theory, when you're holding a cellphone 300 meters from your Bluetooth speaker, it will continue to love you song. In other words, in theory, the effective working distance between Bluetooth transmitting and receiving devices up to 300 meters. Of course, the actual effective distance depends on the type of electronic equipment you use.

3, navigation function
        In addition, Bluetooth 5.0 will add more navigation features so the technology can be used as an indoor navigation beacon or similar pointing device, combined with wifi for indoor positioning with accuracy of less than 1 meter. For example, if you are crazy like Xiaobian, you can use Bluetooth to find your way to Novo Business Center.

4, Internet of things
        As the Internet of Things continues to be hot, Bluetooth 5.0 has done a lot of bottom-layer optimization for the Internet of Things, aiming to serve Smart Home with lower power consumption and higher performance.

5, upgrade the hardware
        Prior to some Bluetooth version updates only require software upgrades, but Bluetooth 5.0 is likely to require upgrades to the new chip. However, the old hardware is still compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, you can not enjoy the new performance. Flagship handsets equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 chip will come out in 2017, I believe that low-end phones will also be built one after another Bluetooth 5 chip. Apple will be one of the first vendors to use the technology.

6, more transmission capabilities
        The new Bluetooth 5.0 adds more data-transfer capabilities and hardware vendors can create more sophisticated connectivity systems such as Beacon or Location Services via Bluetooth 5.0. Therefore, ad data sent via Bluetooth devices can send a small amount of information to the target device without even pairing.

7, lower power consumption
        As we all know, Bluetooth is an essential feature of smart phones, as smart devices and mobile payment more and more need to turn on Bluetooth in order to enjoy the convenience of gradually integrate into people's lives, Bluetooth power consumption has become a smart phone standby time A big killer.

To this end Bluetooth 5.0 will greatly reduce the power consumption of Bluetooth, so that people in the process of using Bluetooth no longer have to worry about the short standby time.

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