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Korea ATO Solution is a professional manufacturer of memory products, its product line has NAND FLASH, DDR2, DDR3, etc., industrial and commercial level, the product through the ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14001: 2004, South Korea ATO products are widely used in measuring instruments , Navigation mapping, medical monitoring, power monitoring, consumer electronics, digital cameras and many other areas.

Korea ATO Solution Product advantages:

South Korea ATO company mainstream products NAND FLASH is the internationally renowned brand HYNIX Korean factory packaging and testing made of specific and reliable stability, strong anti-interference, low price, shorter delivery (2 weeks); South Korea ATO products are fully compatible Replacement of SAMSUNG and other brands have been discontinued NAND FLASH models, such as: can replace K9F5608-U0M / A / B / C / D, K9F1208-U0M / A / B / C, K9F1G08-U0A / B / Models, to fill the gaps in the market, effectively reduce the customer's procurement costs.

1、WW  Fabless in NAND Flash Memory Industry
On Y2013, ATO launched mass production for 1Gb SLC NAND Flash and NAND based 1Gb Serial Flash (SPI NAND) memory with superior competitiveness on economy and reliability developed by its own design technology.From Y2012, ATO Solution is the 1st World wide fabless company making a business with own designed 256Mb, 512Mb SLC NAND Flash memory.Especially, ATO is under developing 2Gb, 4Gb SLC NAND Flash by 1Q 2015.

2、Efficient Flash Memory MCP Solution Provider
The most efficient & reliable MCP solution in a field of Digital Still- Camera(DSC) and now focusing on expanding to Mobile Handset with its own NAND Flash products.

3、Strategic Partnership with ATSemicon in 2015
Complete Strategic Eco-System from Wafer to Final Goods;Step up for Higher Economic Scale;Re-enforcement of Stable and Long Term Support.


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